Best Practices in
Sustainable Food Systems

Best practices are those farms, companies, cooperatives, entrepreneurs, grassroot movements etc. who are working in and contributing to a more sustainable food system. These best practices need to be recognized as they not only contribute to their communities but can become inspiration to larger public domains to move ahead with positivity. Showcasing and telling stories of the best practices creates a momentum and confidence in the hard-times for more resilient food systems.

Do you know any best practices that worths to be featured?

4. Promoting Ethnic Local Cuisine, Raithaane, Patan || Best Practices in Sustainable Food System

Raithaane is a cafe that is committed to ethnic cuisine, local ingredients, and food heritage. Serving dishes that are inspire by food traditions across Nepal.This video is prepared as a best practices in sustainable food system series of Nepal Food. This case strongly reflects how ethnic cuisine, local ingredients and promoting food heritage supports towards sustainable food system.


3. Food on Emergency || Janata Food Center, An initiative of Sano Paila, Birgunj

Sano Paila is a development oriented, non-profit making, community-based organization based in Birgunj. In the time of COVID, Sano Paila has initiated free meal cooking, sharing & distribution program to daily wage workers, low income community members to deal the food crisis in this extreme time. Nutritional diet is the best medicine to deal with COVID and serving these meals supports to health & education. The Janata Food Center has been continuing serving nutritious meals to vulnerable communities at low cost in Birgunj and is planning to expand to other cities.

2. School Nutrition & Sustainability Education || Kopila Valley School, Surkhet

Based in Surkhet, Kopila Valley School provides a free, high quality education to over 400 students. This school not just provide a place for students to study and learn, but also impart life essential skills like farming, sustainability/environmental education with wholesome nutritious on-school meals& snacks. Connecting local organic farmers to the school diet program, not only provides students with healthy diet but also supports farmers for practicing organic farming.

1.Community Seed Bank,Ghanteshowr ,Doti

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