Elementor #4433

Collective Impact Program (CIP)

Changing how we collaborate | Transforming food systems


Siloed and Distanced
Not knowing or feeling connected with others, especially across traditionally distanced sectors and demographics. Focused on our work and our sector.
Doing for – developing services
Consulting “those in need” and then developing institutional service based solutions that create dependency.
Deficiency Focused
Focusing on, and reinforcing narratives that define people and communities by their needs (what they are lacking)
Problem Solving
Focusing on the problem, what is wrong with the situation
Hierarchy and centralized decision making
Leaders define priorities, have a major influence on the decisions and distribute responsibilities
Only interested in persuading others of our own opinions
Dissent is a problem
People who express reservations and diversity of opinion are marginalized
Feeling unappreciated
Feeling our contributions are not important, celebration happens outside of work time


Connection, trust and care for the whole
Feeling connection and trust, especially between those who are not used to being together. Focused on care for the whole.
Doing with – developing community
Citizens and those most affected by our inequitable food systems are co-leading the change they want to see
Asset Focused
Acknowledging and engaging everyone’s talents, especially citizens and those most affected by our inequitable food systems
Focusing on what we are inspired to create together that we couldn’t do alone
Co-creation and co-ownership
Everyone is invited to co-create and co-own the priorities, strategies and outcomes. Responsibility is choosen.
Active listening and feeling heard
Interest in what others have to say and why it’s important to them
Dissent is welcome
Diversity of opinion is valued, reservations and doubts are welcome
Appreciation and Celebration
Appreciating of each others contribution and celebrating our achievements