7 Provincial

Working together with local authorities of every province, Nepal Food 2021 invites stakeholders around Food to participate in one day dialogue.

By bringing together stakeholders from along the entire food supply chain, from growing, processing, preparing, trading to sharing we aim to strengthen, inspire and create new dialogue on sustainable and alternative food systems. Around 25-30 key-participants will join these dialogues in each province.

The dialogues will consist of two introductory inputs and a brainstorming session with the participants. By showcasing best-practices from different focus points we want to promote local collaborations and collective responsibility for food security.

Tentative Program Formats  1-day Provincial Workshop will be designed in a dialogical format.

Morning:  Introduction to the event and inputs from experts on key topics

Afternoon:  Best practices showcase; and group works

Evening:  Drafting learnings & way-forward for provincial food systems

Details regarding each individual provincial dialogues will be updated soon !!!