500+ meals served supporting #universalplate campaign

During the celebration of biggest Nepalese festival BadaDashain, Nepal Food Networks in collaboration with Vintuna Youth Club, Nepalese Youth Enterpreneurs Forum (NYEF-Pokhara) and supporting local partners, on 9th of October 2021, total of 500 meals were prepared, cooked and served bringing activist, food stakeholders, deprived and low income communities, orphanage childrens & self help groups to exchange festival wishes while cooking/serving together for Recovery, Resilience & Solidarity. The #UniversalPlate campaign is a global campaign to celebrate and bring attention to initiatives working every day to fight hunger and foster social equity bringing individuals, social organizations, restaurants, and universities in more than 17 countries to serve one million meals.


Snacks of the day: Newari dish (Bara, Pickle, Pakauda & Beaten Rice)

In the early afternoon, typical Newari dish was served, which was completely sourced and prepared using local ingredients while later, dinner was served along with the entertainment and musical performances.

In the special occasion of Bada Dashain, biggest Nepalese festival, this event was organized. Dashain is celebrated to symbolize the truth, honesty and hard work will always prevail against the lies and dishonesty. One of the many rituals that concern with Hindu celebration of Dashain is the act of eating meat. Especially, kids are excited and even call Dashain as a festival to eat meat. It is almost a basic concept that “Dashain ma Masu Khane” meaning we have to eat meat in Dashain. Dashain without meat is not a Dashain at all.

Photo: Serving and packing meals

In this event, we had gracious presence of community activists, food system enthusiasts, reporters and news reporters.

On behalf of Nepal Food Networks, we would like to extend thanks to all of the supporting partners and visitors/volunteers who supported in organizing this event successfully.